Graduation show/commencement Photos

The first photos are from installing my work for the Thesis Gallery Show Opening, May 22nd. The next photo is of me with my Biggest Influences, Mom and Dad, and a view of my installation!

This show is up until June 28th, 2011. Please stop by to see the work. It is located at the PNCA studio Space in the Pearl District.
The viewing hours are open: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.
The location is: 1241 NW Johnson St. Portland, OR, 97209


Photos From my Oral Defense

My oral defense went really well! I talked for half an hour, then answered questions and comments for about twenty minutes. I had a great crowd come and check it out too! I put fresh flowers on all of the seats as a gift for my viewers and made delicious cupcakes for everyone to munch on as I talked about my thesis work.
Here are some photos for you to see how I set it up:

Janessa’s Oral Defense Date:

Its here focus week at PNCA has started. I will defend my thesis project on FRIDAY, April 29TH @ 4:30.
It will be located at PNCA on the corner of 14th and Johnson St. Downtown (pearl district) Portland, OR.
I would love for anyone interested to come and listen to me speech about my project, the process, and to see the beautiful paintings I have done!
I will be presenting in Room # 815C. It is located in the illustration dept. Building which has a loading dock connected to it. Thanks for the love and support.

One week left….

Heres where I’m at!
One more painting to finish….5 done!

How to Guide on Masking Watercolor Washes

A bit about my theme behind the illustration:
This is a painting I’m working on for my thesis. It is reflecting the blanket of snow in the winter during the winter solstice, which is the longest nights of the year. Within the image I am expressing the comfort and empowerment that nurturing unveils in patterns throughout our lives and how it reflects love, trust, and instinct. In Animal Symbolism, the deer is known as a representation of the words I have found to represent Nurture.

I use masking fluid in my work when doing my washing and messy background auras. This allows the paint to work its magic without spreading over areas of your drawing the will be much different colors. When useing watercolor and gouache like I do, you cannot layer them because the pigment is now permanent and they will muddy your work. Use my simple technique to contain your ground while letting the drawing stay reviled.

Luv Taking Colorful Flower Photos

Thesis Midterm Review Sneak Peak

This week was midterm reviews, I had three panel members come to my studio to see and discuss my work!
The artists on my panel gave me some great feedback and inspiration!
My panel guests were:
Kate O’Neil: designer @ Nordstrom
Damien Webb: Graphic Designer @ Mutt Industries
Dan Garland: Art Director @ Adidas
Right now I am in the stage of doing final drawings on my watercolor paper. I have 3 done and 3 to go.
For the last few weeks I have been focusing on the composition sketches and drawing drawing drawing. Now that I got the go on my images working together I am excited to finish drawing in the next week or two and will start painting! Let me know what you think?!